Friday, October 8, 2010

Contest ended

The contest is now over Thank you very much.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Bridge

            A bridge, empty as can be in the night with only a few lights showing dimly; gleaming off broken glass on the road.  Quiet murmurs of cars going and coming in neighborhoods don’t quite reach this bridge’s ears.  Remembering its two hundred year history it beams with a smile.
          This bridge has felt every car manufactured since the late 1800’s in the United States.  From Olds Motor Vehicle Company to the brand new 3500Z Hover-Made Nissan rolled their wheels to air wheels.  The old bridge was content with its life so far.  Seeing all of the generations of humans come and go, never having feelings here nor there for them.  What is the next type of human that will come along?
          It used to be top hats and generosity.  Caring for one another and the rest of human kind was a steeple of human kind.  The 1920’s brought happiness and partying.  Humans sung and danced and treaded lightly on their feet.  Holding hand and hand they would attend movies together and travel over me to get there.  Then came a disaster for human kind, they would tread over me clumsily.  They moped and pouted and saved everything they had.  After they started to pick back up on spirits a nasty piece of human work came about.
They called it a world war.  Sadness struck the hearts of the Americans.  Their brothers and sisters came and went on those flying machines in the sky.  Those that traveled under me must have gotten a lift in spirit because they would be smiling as they rolled down the river underneath me.  Maybe their spirits picked up because they realized their achievements so far.  Then we moved into the 40’s together and the people of America brightened up but they had to kill people to do it.
Sayings like, “go up to your kind policemen; he’ll tell you where to go,” came about.  This was one of those strange sayings that didn’t last very long.  Human wishes increased as time went by and another saying to those young fools in school I heard once as a family crossed the river below me.  “If wishes were fishes, then we’d all have a fry,” which I found funny because of all of the smiling fishes below me.
The 50’s were much the same as the 40’s but their cars started to become fun and powerful.  Some people tried to race over me and sometimes got caught by those nice policemen.  Those racers were gangs of humans in disguise.  On different levels they came in small groups that fought one another, although they were one in the same.
Then flower power came.  Some of the nice humans planted flowers near my feet and put some on my head.  Their cars became faster and cooler.  I especially liked the late 60’s when it comes to those wonderful moving cars.  Oh, did the 68 Chevelle show me what humans were made of.
Can you dig it man?  That phrase was a favorite in the next decade.  Racism was dying down in some areas but picking up in other areas.  Peace if only they could hold it would show how powerful they really were capable of.
Then there were the scary looking humans who carried large boom-boxes and spiky, weird hair to go across my stones.  The cars were fuglier then the 70’s and that is saying something.  When awesome, bad and airhead were popular terms that the people used to one another.   Oh my, what a life indeed.
In the 90s women wore foot ball player style shoulder pads for a while.  Then the cars became sleeker.  There were other problems in the 90’s since all the humans stay in gangs of religion and thought.  Wars broke out over what they help run their vehicles with.  I don’t see why they can’t just find an alternative source.  If only they knew all the energy sources right here on their own planet.
Scary as it is Americans went crazy in the 2000’s at the turn of the century.  They were scared of their own shadows.  It was quite funny and made me rumble.  Although they were attacked which people died and was sad.  You would think they would have patients since they built things like me that stood the sands of time and was as patients as a stone….ha ha my little joke.
Boy did the humans get a shock in the 2010’s.  But because I am talking to those in the past we will save that as a surprise for you.  Just know that I survived and you will be better off.  I must go to sleep now and watch the rest of human history soon.  Have a good one everyone who read this writing of mine.

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Sunday, October 3, 2010


            Moan, moan, and moan.  This is the constant noise coming from the house across the way.  A tall three floor home that once could have been beautiful.  The paint falls off like fall leaves off a tree.  Gutters hanging limp and off their hooks.  Each window has at least one crack in it.  The windows like to shutter on their own sometimes.  The roof is like a fluffy bed of green, filled with moss and other unsanitary things.  Rot is built and ramped throughout the outside of the house.
            The inside isn’t really known about.  The only survivors from going into the house are now mad and in nice, white and padded rooms.  Hopefully those poor souls with find peace someday again, most likely in death.  Yells from the unfortunate people that had gotten trapped in the house could be heard in the asylum whenever the doors were open.
            From their mad writings the house sounds haunted.  Haunting at that location has been going on for a long time, possibly almost 200 years.  There are many stories but the most recent was when the last family moved in.  This was almost 40 years gone.  It was a large family.  The husband and wife seemed very much in love.  Their 6 children all ranged from the ages of 1 – 10 and got on well with the other children around the neighborhood.  This was a typical family back in the day when all seemed right.
            Apparently they were warned not to move into this house but whoever listens to ghost stories that are sane.  Proper, respectful and right of mind is just how the business man thought.  If you don’t believe there is nothing to fear.  If he had listened he wouldn’t have ended up of taken on such a murderous persona.
            He started with the youngest by hanging her by the toes with sheets wrapped around the chandelier.  The rest of the family was tied to ornate fireplace in the same room.  They watched as the child swung crying out for her mother.  As naked as a babe is how the saying goes and that is how the father killed it.  Leaving it naked and swinging from the chandelier by her toes.  A most painful way to die; blood rushing to the head and not being able to breathe correctly is always hard to watch.  Finally, exhaustion made the child fall into the eternal sleep of death.
            Then the 3 year old boy was next.  This is not for the faint of heart.  Dad must have been either scared to death or crazy as a loon on holiday.  He nailed box nails through each of this poor child’s fingers and toes.  Father then took his bat that he had gotten from the Yankees and bludgeoned his son in the chest until it smashed all of his insides together.  His mother had gone quiet and was just staring into space by that point.
            Twins were the next chosen in his murderous madness.  Those two were 5 according to legend.  He placed them, tied together inside the fireplace above the grates.  They were begging him and howling and begging and saying, “Please no daddy.”  This did no good, he was almost in a trance, as cold as an icicle.  Lighting the kindling with a match the fire starts to envelope underneath the children.  Once the clothing is caught that the children were wearing they lit up like dry hay in August.  The stench must have been horrific and the screams were supposedly like a train whistle.
            The last two were the oldest and whether he pitied them or not, no one really knows.  They were killed quickly by a quick blunt force to the head.  The problem authorities had in identifying what had happened to them was putting the pieces back together.  Those two were dismembered and each piece was placed in different parts of the house.   The hatchet he had used was never found.
            Last to be killed was his wife who almost thanked him for the mercy of killing her.  She could no longer breathe right.  Deep in thought or more likely scared out of her mind she followed along as he pulled her by the hands that were taught with tension by the rope that binds them together.  He ties her to the bed.  Then her life ends with a slit throat.  Slit throat would probably not be the word since the slit went all the way to her spine.
            After he was done with her he walked quietly through the house.  Standing at the railing looking at the chandelier where his youngest still hung his head leans slightly to the left and he frowns.  Knowing all he had done this kin slayer of what once was known as a man.  He did a header to the floor.  The fall broke his neck immediately.  Too fast of a death for a man who tortured his own children most say.
            This story was known as Forebear of Darkness.  People still see the man staring out the window sometimes.  Hearing the moans of the children are the most frightening.  The mother tries to attract people from the street to bring them into her fold.  No one really knows how many lives she has claimed.
            Happy Halloween to all and remember don’t enter strange houses and listen to the legends because sometimes they are true.

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Friday, October 1, 2010

Contest Enabled

  Okay everyone.  Here it is.  We have a $50 Visa Gift card ready to go.  All you have to do to enter is donate $1.00.  For every dollar that is donated is an extra chance to win.  This contest will go until next Friday and end at noon so that we can send the winner their card.  Thanks for playing and thank you for donating.  It is for a good cause.  I appreciate you all.  Open to US residents only.  Thank You.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tight Rope

            The wind blew trying to push her off her tight rope.  Granted this wasn’t a tight rope in front of an audience but plunged across a ravine.  She had come across this ravine but to make traveling faster she knew she had to cross the ravine as quickly as possible.  Her journey would take an additional two weeks if she didn’t take find a way across.
            Remembering the concentration she had used to fire her bow with the rope on it in order to cross this thin line with the wind trying to push her off.  As she had raised her bow she became one with it.  She disappeared as one individual person and became a piece of everything around her.  No longer had the wind touched her, the cold didn’t make her shiver, the wound in her shoulder didn’t hurt, she was just there aiming her bow across the ravine to the other side where she saw a crevice to shoot into.
            She fired the bow and it was like magic the way the arrow crossed the ravine dragging the rope in a flowing way.  The arrow struck just inside the crevice and the ropes loop she had tied at the end flowed onto the rock just below.  Once the rope lassoed the rock she pulled gently to make sure it was firm.  Tightening the rope and giving a sharp tug made the rope taught.  She tied the end in her hands around a tree.
            Hearing howls in the distance had gotten her to start faster.  She knew what was looking for her and didn’t intend to be found crossing a rope.  Hence the position she was in now.  The wind howled almost deafening her ears.  Now snow was starting to come down to make it colder then it would have been in the woods.  Arms outright she inched another step forward.  Slowly she was making her way across.  Breathing was becoming difficult because she really didn’t like heights and this was a good 400 feet up in the air.
            Feeling the rope swaying underfoot didn’t really help the situation.  This was becoming more dangerous then she had first thought.  Her stomach started cramping from holding herself still.  She knew she had to make it.  Another inch moved was another inch toward the freedom she dreamed of.  The rope was started to become a little more lax.  She had to hurry.
            Another step further is another step closer.  Almost to the other side she took a deep breath.  Stepping quickly she leaped off the rope.  Falling to her knees she realized she had been holding her breath and exhaled deeply.  Taking in the cold air that almost froze her lungs was one of the best breaths of her life.
            Howling in the distance brought her back to reality.  No more kissing the ground.  She turned and loosed another arrow which sliced the rope from the tree.  She rolled up what she had left of her rope and started to jog into the trees.  As she got a couple of meters in she ducked in behind a tree to hide.  She decided to take a small peek around the tree to see the other side of the cliff.  Awaiting the other side of the ravine was what she feared.  A large dark wolf was padding back and forth looking into the ravine.  Looking sideways at the arrow in the tree and the piece of rope that was still looped around the tree it growled deeply enough to be heard on the other side.
            Narrowing its eyes it trotted back into the trees.  It started to run and got to full speed in very short time.  Right before it got to the edge of the cliff it launched itself from its hind legs.  The muscles in its body could be seen rippling.  Just a few feet from the other side of the cliff she stood up from behind the tree raising her bow.
            “I do not want to go back,” she hissed as she release the arrow she had knocked.  The dark wolf only looked at her as the arrow took it through the throat.  It fell and without another glance back she walked away.

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010


            Darkness covered the entire forest.  This darkness was a darkness that held throughout time.  Light was not allowed in and people were unwelcome.  Only those that grew mad would come out of the forests darkness into the light of the sun.
            The brave soul that walked through the woods now avoided being noisy.  No sense in attracting unnecessary attention that would be passed by the trees and the wind to the demonic souls that lived here.   No sticks broke, no grass ruffled and no breath could be heard from this traveler.  Tall, with broad shoulders and hair that covered his shoulders were some traits of this human that had entered the demon zone.  His mouth moved but no words or breath could be heard coming out of him.  What was he?
            His scent was caught by one of those forewarned about.  Gently, without making any noise from branch to branch it moved to intercept this arrogant human.  Catching up to him was quick work due to the slowness the human moved by.  This was strange in itself because every other human moved with quick haste and thought they could make it from the dark forest.  The creature didn’t really think long on how strange it was that a human walked slowly where others ran.  Descending on the human from above, claws came out of its six fingered hands.  Just before it landed on him with its half ton weight it bounced off a shield that could not be seen.  As it landed off to the left side of the human it pivoted and launched another attack.
            The stranger turned calmly to the creature.  Now a sigh escaped the human’s lips which of course the creature did not understand.  The creature’s pivot was almost slow to the human’s eyes.  He didn’t really want to harm anyone or anything.  In fact if he had been left alone as he wished he would have flown in and out of the woods once he had achieved reaching the object he was on a quest for.  The creature was approaching him now put an end to the creature before he even knew what was happening.  The man raised his hand toward the creature.  Just as the creatures mouth reached the hand to close down and chew it off a bright white light shined that blinded the creature.  Then an extreme heat filled the creature to make its blood boil.
            Now the creature understood.  Too late as it was it realized that this human was not just a human.  A cleric, a paladin, a man of strength and virtue that no one or no creature should take lightly.  With that basic spell of light no evil could touch this man without dying from grievous wounds.  Only one demon had survived that and this creature was one of its creations.  The stranger continued on without so much as a glance back at the now glazed over eyes of death from this once prosperous enemy.

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Monday, September 27, 2010


               What happens when two natural disasters strike each other at the exact same time?  This only happens once every one million years.  First the heat develops under the ground at increasing rates.  Magma flowing through different corridors built especially for it.  The pressure below the ground was raising the ground above.  Mountains above were starting to shift growing in one particular area.  The mountain was about to explode and unleash a force that hasn’t been seen in many years.
               At the same time up in the sky was roiling with grey skies seeping and dark.  Water was starting to drip and there was a green tinge to the sky.  This green tinge and modern tools could only predict what was about to be released from those increasingly dark clouds. The heat and the cool air meeting each other in the just above that volcano below awaiting it’s soon to come explosion with great, almost perfect, patience.  The air starts move and swirl just above.
               As the air above starts to create a funnel another surprise underneath the ground is waiting to pop like an old school jack in the box.  Smoke starts to spurt and in different areas of the once mountain, now volcano.  Molten lava starts to spurt out of the top.  Wave upon wave flowing out spitting rocks like rain falls from the sky.  Rock starting to fall away reveals more magma.  Many types of death await the unwary when this large of a natural disaster occurs.  There isn’t an insect alive that can survive.  Then the large explosion occurred.  Lava shot into the air into the grey sky above.
               When the lava shot into the air almost simultaneously the tornado shoots down right into the top of the tornado.  The tornado almost pulling lava into the sky and spreading it further then it would have gone normally.  As the magnetic suction of the heat of the lava trying to blow out what is left and the suction of the tornado in the middle of the volcano a new type of energy is formed.  This energy is beyond any sort of energy man-made could be bought.  This energy was like an atomic explosion multiplied by a hundred thousand.  The volcano and the tornado almost attach with the energy of a small black hole.  This energy could have never been described without seeing this immense new complex relation of sucking and producing more energy out of a volcano.
               What is the reaction of this action?  The cloud that spreads not only hundreds of miles but covers the world stops the sunlight from shining through to help plants grows.  Ash blows across a quarter of the planet.  This ash in turn kills almost anything it touches immediately because no oxygen can grow in this.  The world as it is known is transformed into an ashtray essentially.  Then the cold hits.  First short spurts of snow and ice storms completely covering the globe in snow.  How do we stop this before it happens again?  Time is almost up because a millions years has been a thousand years gone.

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